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2010-03-02 21:26:42 by roxas6968

Okay, so I am new to this whole thing. So let me say this I am an English major, but I am seriously considering changing it to Creative Writing :D. From here on I will post random, really random shit about my life, video games I play, books I read, tv i watch, and so on. I'll do this here because a majority of my family is on Facebook, so if they ever saw how I really think.......well.......yeah....fuck.

So.....Heavy Rain.......that game is fucking EPIC!!!!! I love it so much!!!! I love the fact you can influence the game in such a dramatic way! I am play through number 2 now, just trying to get the last of the trophies i need, so i can platinum that bitch!!!!

Well I got Geology class now so laters to anyone who reads this piece of shit!!! :D